Our Partners

Each of our suppliers has their own unique background and here we tell you a little about each one.

Daines and Hathaway

 In 1922 the highly respected William Daines and Charles Hathaway, leather specialists in Walsall - the heart of England -, joined forces to begin the manufacture of traditional English leather goods. The history and heritage of the company continues to provide inspiration for the many beautiful and useful things that they produce. Their substantial design and pattern archive is still an important resource in designing products for the way we live our very different lives nearly 100 years later.

Daines and Hathaway is still amongst the most prestigious traditional leather goods makers, producing products which continue to be quintessentially English in style. All of their products are made in England, combining the experience of the true craftsman, with the most beautiful leathers and superior quality fittings to create truly exquisite pieces.


Emily Bond

Emily Bond launched her first range of linens in 2007 and has gone on to produce a range of fabrics which embody the English countryside in their inspiration.
The fabric used is a high quality linen woven at Kirkcaldy in the East of Scotland.

Millard & Lancaster is pleased to offer Emily Bond’s cushions in Oyster Catcher, Chickens, Jack Russell, and Long Dog designs. We also offer the Dachshund design, inspired by Emily Bond’s own Wire Haired Dachshund’s Oscar and George.


Deborah Sears – Isis Ceramics

We are thrilled to stock Deborah Sears’ magical Isis Ceramics and to be able to place commissions on our customers’ behalf. In addition to what we have in store, Isis has an extensive range of items which are available in different colour palettes and different designs. Isis can also take commissions and so if you would like to commission a dinner service or other items with your own design – perhaps depicting your house – then look no further. If such patronage is beyond your present pocket then Isis’ range extends from modest octagonal dishes up to some of the stunning planters and large scale table lamps and we would be pleased to help you in your selection.

Isis represents the twenty-first century continuity of the tradition of tin glazed pottery, which has grown from its introduction in the sixteenth century. Deborah Sears, who founded the company in 1988 has long collected period pieces of tin glazed ceramics and as a result has built up a scholarly understanding of the subject which has put her in a unique position to produce these wonderful pieces and designs. Working with a small team of artists at the studio in the Oxfordshire village of Horton-cum-Studley, Deborah’s free hand designs mean that each piece is unique. Its artist and the date of production is duly recorded on the base of each piece.

Isis Ceramics pieces are found in many private collections and are publicly displayed in Blenheim Palace, Castle Howard, and Dyrham Park. HRH the Prince of Wales has also commissioned pieces representing his Gloucestershire home, Highgrove. Pieces have also appeared in many notable films including Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp, Gywneth Paltrow's Emma, and Ladies in Lavender with Judy Dench and Maggie Smith. Television dramas include Dickens’ Bleak House and Little Dorritt, Mrs. Gaskill’s Cranford, and Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice. Few ceramics can claim such fame.

Born in America, Deborah Sears studied painting in Europe, primarily in Italy, where she met her English husband. After working as a graphic designer in London, they moved to Oxford in the 1980’s. On the banks of the Isis in the centre of Oxford, she began Isis Ceramics. From a Victorian building called the Old Toffee Factory, Isis Ceramics began supplying English retailers and designers with a collection of dinnerware, decorative pieces and lighting.

In 2000, Isis Ceramics relocated to the village of Horton-cum-Studley and created The New Toffee Factory. This beautiful setting inspired new patterns, colours, and a unique design service called “Design For You Dinnerware: DFYD”. Today Isis Ceramics serves international private clients, retailers and public institutions.

Deborah was a runner up in the European Woman of the Year Competition 2003. She has been awarded twice by the Oxford Preservation Trust, and has been a sponsor of the Oxford Literary Festival for ten years. She and her husband Roger have two grown up children and live in a farmhouse adjacent to The New Toffee Factory.


Sally Anne Lugg

Sally has lived all her life in the counties of Leicestershire and Derbyshire and has a strong affinity with the countryside and farming. She attended Brooksby Agricultural College, grew up with Jersey cows, rearing calves and pigs and was introduced to hunting with the Quorn in the 1970’s. Riding crazy hairy ponies with friends was absolute normality and thereby a perfect childhood was enjoyed.

Horses and dogs have always played a huge role in her life and, indeed, she claims that drawing them was preferred to applying herself to schoolwork!

Sally’s ceramics use a traditional palette for her unique style which has evolved over the past 20 years to capture the very essence of the wilderness, the beauty of the wildlife and in depicting the rural way of life. This has enabled her to produce highly distinctive designs collected by many in the United Kingdom and increasingly, the world over.


Timothy Richards

Architectural models are part of the classical tradition of architecture. The superbly detailed models of Bath-based Timothy Richards are the 21st century exemplars of this painstaking work, following in the footsteps of eighteenth and early nineteenth century makers such as Francois Fouquet whose works were avidly collected by architects and Grand Tourists alike. Unsurprisingly Fouquet’s works were collected by the architect Sir John Soane and can now be seen in the Sir John Soane’s Museum at Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London. Appropriately, amongst Timothy Richard’s works are a number of versions of Soane buildings.

All of the models are made of plaster by Timothy Richards and his small team in their workshop located just outside of the centre of Bath. A fascinating hive of activity, the workshop produces models of buildings on commission and we would be pleased to make an introduction to Timothy Richards if you would be interested in considering this service.

If you would prefer to collect works that have already been produced and cannot see what you are looking for here at Millard & Lancaster then please let us know. The range of buildings and architectural details produced by Timothy Richards is impressive and we can place orders for models that are not currently on show here in St.Mary’s Street.