Timothy Richards Architectural Models

Timothy Richards Models - Post Box Bookends

Traditionally made of cast iron and originating in the reign of Queen Victoria, the post boxes carry the insignia of the present monarch at the time of installation. 365 design variations have been produced since the first was installed in 1852 in the Channel Islands. This was at the recommendation of the famous English novelist Anthony Trollope, who was working as a Surveyor’s Clerk for the Post Office at the time. In 1853 the first pillar box on the British mainland was erected at Botchergate, Carlisle, in North West England. It wasn’t until 1859 that the UK saw the introduction of the first National Standard Box. As with The Telephone Box the Post Box has become synonymous with all things British; a thoroughly practical and proven design.

Handmade in plaster in Bath by Timothy Richard Architectural Models


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